Translating passion into taste.

To the last drop, wherever in the world you may be, in the finest coffee bar or restaurant, enjoy that unmistakable taste, and the pleasant surprise that comes when encountering an old friend, enjoy knowing that all our passion is there, in your cup, every day.

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  • Cod. CFB400

    A blend of the greatest refinement and personality, with sweet taste, broad and velvety, never bitter, with intense and rounded aromas for those searching for delicacy and softer characteristics in coffee. Created from the perfect combination of eight of the most prized coffees, the cupping characteristics resemble a symphony of aromas, including fresh...

  • Cod. CFB401

    For a fuller-bodied cup that meets the taste requirements of a consumer who prefers longer persistence on the palate with low astringency and acidity. Soft and silky, this classic bar blend has a gentle but very decided character. The emergent notes in cupping are those of chocolate and vanilla with a real prevalence of the former.

  • Cod. CFB500

    Composed exclusively of 100% Arabica coffees, this blend was created as a response to consumer demand. Designed for those preferring a more acidic coffee with low caffeine and for its detached acidity, low medium body and floral notes.

  • Cod. CFBD400

    Based on our Nessun Dorma blend, its little sister if you like, and the only Decaffeinated coffee we produce; sweet and refined for great results in the cup, the blend retains a rich fragrance, aroma and follow-through due to chocolate and vanilla flavour notes. We have achieved a notable success in not compromising the full flavours and rounded tastes...

  • Cod. CFF300

    This blend is composed of four coffees of the best quality, it prioritises purity of taste in a strong and characterful coffee without losing sweeter, softer notes. It is a blend strong on the palate, with very long but low acidity and a slightly more pronounced astringency.

  • Cod. CFB450

    The coffee is soft and fragrant with an intense aroma, sweet and persistent taste. Experience the great complexity of tasting this wood roasted blend specially pre-grounded for drip brewers, simply a great cup in the American stile.

  • Cod. CFBD450

    A unique drip brewed coffee experience without caffeine.

  • Cod. CFBO560

    We create a blend with a fantastic flavours profile, amazing intense aroma, in whole bean for a professional usage with professional equipments, Espresso Machines or Auto Dip Brewers. If for you philosophy and mission is to employ only the best Natural ingredients, well this blend of unique and unforgettable taste will soon become one of your “best...

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