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Enjoying coffee, but at home, with your family.

For the true Antica Tostatura Triestina aficionado, we are delighted to offer a range of coffees suitable for use with the classic Italian “Moka” coffee maker or domestic espresso machines, some of which also utilize built in grinders.

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  • Cod. CFF151

    A blend of fresh-ground coffee, whose characteristics are best suited to brewing with the classic Italian Moka pot. The result is an extremely balanced and rich cup of coffee, full of aroma, ideal for breakfast and restorative coffee breaks during the day.

  • Cod. CFF160

    A blend of beans with that unmistakable ‘caffe bar’ taste. A refined and sweet taste for a classic espresso with all that lovely aroma when you grind the beans.

  • Cod. CFFD151

    Intense taste and delicious aromas, but without caffeine. As before, no loss of flavours or roundness of taste, it is freshly ground for use with your domestic espresso machine.

  • Cod. CFFD155

    As above, but designed for use with the classic Italian Moka pot.

  • Cod. CFFP158

    Designed for use with the auto drip machines or French press.

  • Cod. CFPD850

    Experience at your home the pleasure of this fantastic espresso without caffeine.

  • Cod. CFPV800

    The perfect coffee pod packaging for your home usage, with great extraction for your daily espresso experience.

  • Cod. CFDV650

    Our superb pod manufactured from our Decaffeinated blend of beans adapted for use at home using domestic machines or better still in the work environment. A one-shot pod packed in a stable environment, manufactured from one of our blend of beans ensuring a memorably balanced and intense taste.

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