Antica Tostatura Triestina is part of Cose Belle d’Italia Group since 2015

Cose Belle d’Italia is a Group acquiring companies and brands representing the excellence, quality and exclusivity of Made in Italy, with the aims of preserving and valorising them within an integrated system inspired by the eternal values of beauty, culture and the Italian “bel vivere” lifestyle.

Cose Belle d’Italia identifies Italian companies with a winning strategic positioning across every sector, creating value and promoting the dissemination of this culture of excellence among the subsidiaries.

Cose Belle d’Italia was founded in 2013 with the definition of its own “Manifesto” that fixes the fundamental values inspiring the vision and the mission of the Group.

Cose Belle d’Italia is controlled by Europa Investimenti Group, professional investor operating in complex situations.

To date, companies part of Cose Belle d’Italia are:

  • Antica Tostatura Triestina, excellence in coffee production
  • Alberto Del Biondi, excellence in fashion design
  • Industria Del Design, excellence in innovative design
  • Nerocarbonio, excellence in sophisticated design
  • Laverda Collezioni, clothing excellence
  • FMR, excellence in arts publishing
  • UTET Grandi Opere, excellence in quality publishing
  • Arte del Libro, excellence in bookbinding craft
  • Vismara Marine, excellence in the production of tailored boats
  • Imbarcazioni d’Italia, with the brands Apreamare and Maestro, excellences in the production of “gozzi” from Sorrento and motor boats
  • Maestria, excellence hub putting the best talents to a system within the places-design discipline
  • Feletti, chocolate excellence

Cose Belle d’Italia also founded a Media Entertainment Company that gathers magazines and portals dedicated to “bel vivere” lifestyle: «Amadeus», «Il Mondo del Golf Today», «Sci-Il Mondo della Neve», all part of Bel Vivere Srl, and «La Madia Travelfood», producing cultural and multichannel high quality contents addressed to personalities and professionals united by the same lifestyle and interests in culture, arts and sports. 

Moreover, Bel Vivere Eventi was founded, a new production company for culture and sports events.

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