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The company’s mission Antica Tostatura Triestina Srl is a company engaged in producing some of the best blends of wood roasted coffee in the world. Our motto is “Quality is a language that knows no borders” as our mission is to allow all of our coffee consumers to perceive this quality while drinking a cup of our coffee. For this reason, we choose only the best coffee beans from sources...

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Selection of raw materials Getting the best espresso coffee, the best way. The coffee plant is an evergreen bush, with leaves that are thick, green and pointed in shape, related to the Rubicae family. From this the two main coffee varieties derive; Arabica and Robusta. Arabica plants can grow to great heights, up to 8 meters, but pruning on plantations generally restricts this to 2 to 3...

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Wood Roasting

WOOD ROASTING Technology in the service of tradition The unmistakable aroma of our coffee is the outcome of a tireless selection of raw materials, followed by a slow beech wood roasting process , in keeping with a very ancient artisanal method that assures a steady and homogenous roast right to the heart of the coffee bean. During this procedure, temperatures can reach over 200°C. What...

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COLD BLEND For a perfect harmony History and tradition are both of little use unless we learn from them and apply what they teach in the most contemporary way. Consequently, we preserve the intense fragrance and the natural properties of coffee by rapidly cooling down the beans using exclusively fresh air. To guarantee an espresso with an outstanding and balanced body, cream and aroma, we...

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Press Release

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Videos Take a look to our videos on YouTube  and Vimeo . Antica Tostatura Triestina is an outstanding wood-roasted Italian espresso that is currently served in 26 countries worldwide. In this video we show you the precious details that make our coffee so special. © Antica Tostatura Triestina

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