Organic Whole Beans

We create a blend with a fantastic flavours profile, amazing intense aroma, in whole bean for a professional usage with professional equipments, Espresso Machines or Auto Dip Brewers.

If for you philosophy and mission is to employ only the best Natural ingredients, well this blend of unique and unforgettable taste will soon become one of your “best sellers” within your menu.

Using the Espresso Machine you will get an extraordinary result: density, fresh flavours intensity are really incomparable.

The blend shows a variety of flavours note so composing a rainbow of colors in you mind: cacao, vanilla, nuts, fresh orange peel are just some of them. When Nature express herself well you know... it’s simply magic.

Suitable for all kind of usage.


Pack 1,000 g - 2.2 Lb
Case 6 x 1,000 g - 13.2 Lb nett
Pallet 12 cases 7 layers: 84 cases total
Epal Pallet 504 kg - 1109 Lb

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