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Organic Bio

Organic Bio coffee is produced without the use of chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers, additives, or herbicides, making it respectful of both the environment and human health.

Our organic coffee is the result of a thorough selection that only uses beans from sustainable farms. It’s distinguished by an organoleptic spectrum that ranges from hazelnut to cocoa notes, achieving a structured acidity typical of the finest coffee.

Why is organic coffee good for yourhealth?


It’s rich in health-beneficial properties, as it provides the body with antioxidants, vitamins and other benefits arising from its consumption.

A Natural Garantee

By drinking organic coffee you won’t come into contact with pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals, so it’s a natural guarantee.


Coffee grown in a sustainable way helps to reduce gas emissions, which are dangerous to our planet’s health, as they cause climate change and the damage resulting therefrom.
Accordingly, by consuming organic coffee not only you take care of your health, but also that of the Earth!


Organic coffee contributes to the preservation of our fauna, as it respects the natural habitat of birds and insects, supporting their protection and development.