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Organic Bio

The Organic coffee can be defined as a type of coffee that has been produced without the use of chemicals such as pesticides, additives or herbicides.

It’s a coffee that comes from a careful selection, exclusively from organic crops. This coffee wants to offer the best in terms of organoleptic notes that can range from hazelnut to chocolate up to a structured acidity coming from the most prestigious coffees.

Why drink organic coffee?


It's has rich in properties useful for health: it provides antioxidants, vitamins and generates many other benefits delivered from its consumption


It's a natural guarantee, using it you will not come into contact with pesticides, chemicals or fertilizers


Coffee grown in a fair trade way contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, harmful to the health of the planet, which give way to climate change. In short, you will be helping to take care of the environment in general


Finally another reason that you surely have not imagined: organic coffee helps the conservation of our fauna because organic coffee crops help the development and protection above all of birds and insects, respecting their natural habitat