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The city of coffee


Trieste, the most representative city of coffee tradition, is the birthplace and development center of Antica Tostatura Triestina, where the company has deep roots.

In 1719 Trieste’s port was designated as a “free port”, while in 1904 the city became the home of the world’s first coffee exchange.

For three centuries, thanks to its trades, roasting companies and literary cafés, Trieste has been a beacon of coffee culture and an exceptional innovative centre.


The Jane


This contemporary, charming Michelin starred restaurant is the only one of its kind in all of Belgium and is housed in what was once an old chapel.

The exquisite cuisine provided by Chef Nick Bril enchants with its firm, flavorful, and surprisingly harmonious dishes. They close the menu with the elegant taste and aroma of our coffee.



Cortina d’Ampezzo, the most popular Italian destination for those who love mountains, is an ideal spot for anybody who enjoys outdoor activities, winter sports, and entertainment.

In the restaurant “La Corte del Lampone,” located inside the Rosapetra hotel, you will enjoy a wonderful refined dinner, which you can end with a cup of our coffee.


Locanda San Vigilio


Located on the shores of the Garda Lake, this magnificent hotel is a 16th-century house with a private beach, a port, and an eliport.

In the morning, an incredible breakfast, served together with our coffee, awaits you in the villa’s garden, a magical location from which you can enjoy views of the lake and take in the environment’s history and natural beauty.

Kempinski Palace


This majestic palace, which was once a meeting place for royals, is an sumptuous structure situated along the Adriatic coast.

A luxurious, wood-paneled restaurant with a pastry shop and trendy bars is located within, and among the food options there’s also our coffee.


Via Quadronno


Via Quadronno is a restaurant in Manhattan that is well known for its delicious sandwiches and cappuccinos.

A few steps from Central Park in the Upper East Side, the restaurant offers a large menu where guests can find excellent wines, superlative ice creams and delicious homemade desserts to go alongside our coffee’s pleasant scent.

Palazzina Grassi


A treasure located in the heart of Venice, Palazzina Grassi is a five-star hotel that abuts the Grand Canal, decorated with its unique, almost dreamlike design.

It is the only hotel in all of Italy designed by the renowned French architect Philippe Starck and the only one in all of Venice to have a restaurant with a show kitchen where you can enjoy not only exciting culinary performances but also the aroma of our coffee.


Castello Malvezzi


On the side of S. Giuseppe, the viewpoint of the city of Brescia, stands a charming castle from the 1950s: Castello Malvezzi, once a hunting house and then a prestigious home of noble families, today is home to one of the most renowned restaurants of high cuisine in the Lombard region.

The interior of the castle, adorned with Renaissance frescoes and regal furniture, along with the elegant dehors with magnificent panoramic views and the gardens of centuries-old trees, immers the guests in a fairy-tale atmosphere, made even more special by the dishes offered by the chef Alberto Riboldi: a gourmet menu in which tradition and innovation meet between exclusive fish dishes and refined traditional meat recipes, all enriched by the specialities of the excellent caviar of Calvisiano and the wide selection of wines, from the cellar of the “cappella gentilizia” adjacent to the Castle.

Hotel Kempinski


Experience the first Croatian 5-star luxury coastal golf and spa resort, including private villas and a private beach.

This secluded location near Savudrija and Umag is where the Adriatic Sea meets the picturesque Istrian countryside.


Antica Cascina San Zago


An ancient farmhouse with an elegant seventeenth-century charm, where every stone emanates emotions of the past.
A harmony, an ideal embrace with the surrounding area, which blends with the culinary proposal with attention to the smallest details.

The riot of colours, sensations and scents makes our location unforgettable: from Lake Garda – overlooked by the city of Salo – to the lush green hills.

Your journey starts right here, crossing the arch that leads to the internal courtyard at the entrance of the ancient residence.

All that remains is to relax, close your eyes and abandon yourself to the magic and sensations that this place of the past is able to convey.

Punta Conterie Vetri Restaurant

Murano, Venice

Located on the first floor of Punta Conterie, the Vetri Restaurant unfolds over two internal rooms and an external terrace overlooking the three main canals of Murano. The interiors are distinguished by the combination of local craftsmanship and international design elements, which blend beautifully in environments characterized by dark gray tones and sand on the walls. Venice is the undisputed star of the modern Punta Conterie hub, which aims to bring the centenary traditions of the city back to life in a modern key. The Vetri Restaurant is the emblem of this mission, thanks to an innovative cuisine in which typical ingredients meet preparations and influences from all over the world, creating dishes that stimulate the palate and the eyes of the customers.



A language that knows no borders.


We produce and distribute our products not only in Italy, but also in many other countries around the world!

Our distributors are located in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, the UAE, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Morocco, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Spain, Venezuela and the United States.

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